Another Flash Fiction Challenge

A Day at the Zoo with Micah

The zoo was her favorite place to go to on a date. I couldn’t remember how many times we’ve come here and yet every time Holly acted like it were her first, pointing and grinning like a six year old while clutching my arm.


Watching her, it was nearly the same as back then. Except she wasn’t holding onto me and now, it actually was her first.

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Sneak Peak – Savior #2

I think a problem with blogging is not about having enough ideas, but rather not having time or taking time to execute those ideas well.

I have plenty ideas!

But today, time is short and I don’t want to rush anything.

So instead of a decent, informational post…I’m going to give you a teaser.

I’m working on a project. A mysterious project.

Well, more planning and less working. But as deadlines are met, and time is freed up, this will change soon enough.

It has a lot to do with a short story I wrote before: Savior. I’m working on its sequel and this is what I have so far.

Mind you this is unedited and can be more accurately described as freewriting than an actual sneak peak. And since I took down the short story that started this, Savior #1, this is probably going to be confusing to read unless you actually read and remember the first one before I removed it…

Still, it should have SOME entertainment value.

So enjoy.



It was one of those days. A day that seemed to never end and happened to be one that you really wanted to end— right now.


Micah was the type you really didn’t want to bump into in an alley at night. He was a thug, pure and simple. Well, not exactly simple. Micah was like me. He had a sense of justice, a desire to smash in the face of evil. His most hated villain? The Mob. He did so well doing them away that most cops looked the other way. They’d never cross Micah. Not only because he was useful, but also because they knew if they tried arresting him, he wouldn’t hold back and will end up killing one of them.

Then they’d have no choice but to go after him and more cops would die. True, Micah would eventually go down with them and that was another reason they didn’t mess with him.

They liked him.

Which was funny when you think about it. Micah was the only super powered freak the cops actually approved of. Maybe because despite it all, Micah was still a low life, below them despite his powers.

A stray dog.


He looked like an overgrown kid, ripped jeans and backwards, dirty baseball cap on his messy head of black hair. He smirked boyishly as he pointed his bat at the kid pitcher.

Micah loved kids. Especially those who were in the same shitty circumstances as himself when he was a kid. That was why I came to see him. If anyone would be interesting in fighting this perp in this case, it was definitely Micah. But I just wanted info.



What do you think?



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