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I’m running late, but I said I’d review and restart this blog. So here’s a quick tiny, speedy update.

I’m still in Atlanta.

A LOT has happened since I stopped posting here.

Not gonna go into it. MOVING ON.

I’m still writing, though mostly fanfiction, however I’m now once again, getting back on that hellhorse that is writing a novel.

I am going to be rewriting my 2008 NaNo Novel The Prophecy.

I’ve also added a new short story to the menu that I wrote for Tumblr last…April? November?

I forget, but sometime last year. Go check it out if you’re curious. I’m very proud of it :D.

I am going to personalize this blog a bit more. Get a better header/banner, and such. But not sure when I’ll have the time for that.

I’m still very broke @_@

But life is very good ❤

And that is all…for now :3.