Another Flash Fiction Challenge

A Day at the Zoo with Micah

The zoo was her favorite place to go to on a date. I couldn’t remember how many times we’ve come here and yet every time Holly acted like it were her first, pointing and grinning like a six year old while clutching my arm.


Watching her, it was nearly the same as back then. Except she wasn’t holding onto me and now, it actually was her first.

“This place is so big!” She stood on her toes, leaning over the railing to see the elephants down below. “Can we really see everything today?”

“Maybe. But you can always save the rest for another day.” I leaned against the railing beside her. “That’s what you used to say.”

A confused look settled on her face. “I did?”

“Yeah.” I reached over to touch her hand, but she pulled away and ran further up the crowded path, her lithe body sliding between the other guests

“I’m going to go up ahead! Keep up, Micah!” she called before continuing up the slope.

I sighed. How long was this going to last? I knew I should be glad that she was fine besides the amnesia, but it was frustrating. Being patient was never my strong suit. It wasn’t that I simply missed her. I do. But I’m also worried she’ll never remember us. What we had. I’m worried that, if this is permanent, she won’t fall in love with me again. Hell, it was a miracle the first time.

As I walked up the path, I remembered it was mostly plain luck. We grew up together; me, Daniel, Theo and Holly. Once puberty hit, it was every man for himself. Somehow, I managed to win. I guess it’s true. The girls do love a bad boy. But we’d grown up together. She knew him completely. Now, I was a complete stranger.

I pulled up my gray hood and stuffed my hands into my pockets. Maybe it wasn’t reversible. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

A piercing scream cut through my thoughts — Holly’s.

“Damnit. Can’t that girl ever stay safe?!”

I race towards the sound, shoving people out of my way. Most were standing there like morons, turning as if it was something else to gawk at.

I break through them and spot two men in suits grabbing a screaming Holly, while a woman, also dressed rather formally, talked rapidly into her phone. She pulled out a gun from her hip and that was it. Show’s over. Everyone took off screaming, blocking my way.

Above all the screaming, the sounds of a helicopter approaching grew louder under finally it appeared right above them, a rope ladder falling. The men started to drag Holly towards it.

Over my dead body they were going to take her away again.

Unlike Theo, I didn’t have any rules and unlike Daniel, I didn’t care who saw. I put my palm of my hand against the ground and ice grew around it. I focused on the woman and the ice shot out across the ground and burst out in a solid block, punching her square in the face. She didn’t see it coming. The gun flew out of her hand as she fell, out cold. Back on my feet, I charge at the men holding Holly, one of them already reaching the ladder. She was trying to fly away. Her feet off the ground as they pulled on her arms, but the helicopter blocked any chance of escaping.

The man at the ladder saw me, fumbled for his gun. I’m faster. I already gripped a baseball bat made of solid ice and took a swing. Blood splattered. He went down hard. I probably knocked out a few teeth. I turn to the last one, who was trying to get his gun and hold Holly at the same time. Holly didn’t struggle, back on the ground, and watched with wide eyes.

I move forward, but a shot’s fired and a bullet hits the ground near my foot. It came from helicopter. Before they rain any more on me, I grabbed the rope ladder and ice shot up to the shooter leaning out the door, freezing them both. The ice crawled across the helicopter’s side and froze the rear propellers. The entire thing started to spin out of control and crashed landed into the glass wall of the monkey pen.

Chaos broke loose as the animals stormed the place. Guests ran screaming. A fire broke out somewhere. I paid little attention to all of it, my eyes on the guy gripping Holly’s wrist. He let her go and backed away from me as he aimed his revolver right at me.

I keep going. He fires once. Pain erupts in my arm, but I don’t care. I don’t feel it too much. I knock the gun out of his hands, breaking his wrist in the process. He fell to his knees. I swung again. His face, thrown to the side with blood dripping from his mouth, smashed into the concrete. I pulled back for another swing, ready to dish out all my hatred and anger out on the people who took the most important thing in my life away from me, when a hand gripped mine.

“Stop! Just stop!”

I turned around. Tears run down Holly’s face. She shook her head and let me go. She floated into the air and surveyed the damage I caused.

She looked down at me with disgust and it killed me more than the bullet in my shoulder.

“What kind of superhero are you?”

Wiping her eyes, she flew away, probably to help. Holly always wanted to be a superhero and save the day. Ever since she learned she could fly, she’d spend the entire week saving cats from trees.

I looked down at the three bodies around me, their blood shining brightly on my melting bat.


Maybe it’s not that she can’t remember me. Maybe she just doesn’t want to.


2 thoughts on “Another Flash Fiction Challenge

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  1. Congratulations on the runner-up spot, Amber! I liked your story, and am glad to see you earning your place at the conference. I loved the gritty superhero feel you portrayed here.
    A very cool sneak peek into Savior.

    Just a bit of a friendly critique: You tended to drift between tenses a few times, slipping between past and present. Both of them would work on their own, but definitely something to clean up after you finish your first draft.

    Way to go!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I started out third person, past tense, but then in the middle first person, present tense felt better. I switched, but since I didn’t have a lot of time, I made some mistakes. I definitely will go back and clean it up even more when I have the chance. Thanks for the awesome note! 🙂

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