Friday Update

Let’s see if I can keep up a weekly thing where I post an update of everything I’m working on every Friday!

Things I’ve been doing this week so far…


  • I just finished submitted my plot summary for my Assignment #3 of LRWG. I won’t show it here since it’ll be big spoilers for the plot. I may give bits and pieces of it as I continue to work on BEASTS.


  • Crimson Dagger’s BLOODSPORTS Challenge#4 was a BIG FAIL. Didn’t even finish an initial sketch. Totally choked up. But this next challenge is to redesign a poster/dvd cover of a Hayao Miyazaki movie. And you guys all know how much I LOVE Hayao Miyazaki. I will do this even if the result is complete crap. I’ll do it for me. And even though I LOVE Princess Mononoke, I’ve decided on Nausiccaa. I’ll also use this as an excuse to talk more about Nausicaa and why love it so much here on an upcoming post this week. The Deadline is February 10, my birthday! So it will be my present to myself.


  • In the middle of Remilon training. Deadline is February 3. I hope to finish its requirement way before then, so this’ll probably my focus for this week. Upon official completion and approval of my first article assignment I get $120, so that’s encouraging.


That’s pretty much it for now.  I’d like to show more artwork on my blog and in other places and take more photos. I’d alot like to talk about my other projects and work more on them.  But I also got to clean my house, it’s a true disaster.


Wish me luck, guys.


What have you guys been up to this last week?

2 thoughts on “Friday Update

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  1. Best of luck Amber, seriously 🙂

    As for me still moving along in the revising of my novel. 2 parts and 52 chps down at 120,000 words. 1 part and who the hell knows how many words left to go hehee

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