New Goal: Knowledge!

I have a confession to make.

I am very ignorant.

I should have a disclaimer on this site that reads: I am no expert on ANY of the topics I discuss. Everything I write is just my personal opinion, observation and perception and they could very well be very wrong.

I have no college degree (though I do have 5 years’ worth of mediocre college courses under my belt) and had a very limited elementary, junior and high school education (Thank you, Puerto Rico).

Because of this, there are some subjects I know little to nothing about. And as I grow older, I’m starting to think maybe I should know these things.

Like:  How does the U.S. government and democracy works? How the economy and money in general, especially taxes and the stock market, work? What’s actually written in the U.S. Constitution? What are my rights? What are the exact definitions of socialism, communism, and capitalism? What’s happening in other countries politically and economically wise?

In other words, know more about all the things that determine my quality of life in this country.

Before, these topics bored the hell out of me. I simply trusted that whoever is in charge and making all the important decisions not only has my best interest at heart, knows what he or she is doing.

I avoid looking at the news because either I don’t really understand what’s going on or find it depressing.

Though I know I can’t be the only one like this, I also know it’s not very smart.

Let’s face it. What divides successful people and those who aren’t is knowledge. Plain and simple.

Those with more knowledge on how things work and how to use that information to create the life they want will have a higher quality of life than those who don’t know.

Also, those who don’t know are more at risk at being taken advantage of by those who do know.

This goes without saying, but it’s only recently that I feel motivated to actually do something about it.

So, I’ve decided to educate myself. Luckily I live in a day and age where I don’t need a university to learn anything, really.

I shall create a custom degree for myself, using the largest free resource I have available: the Internet!!

Economy, politics, socioeconomics, philosophy, etc. mixed in with my fiction/nonfiction writing and drawing/paining informal education.

My goal is not to feel like a complete idiot by the time I’m 30. Though I have a feeling I’d be more successful if I have a more specific goal/plan on how to achieve this, especially juggling all this studying and somehow still make a living.

I’ll work it out.

Your turn.

Are there topics you want to learn or feel you should know about but don’t? Have any tips or advice on how to continually educate oneself in the mix of our busy lives?

4 thoughts on “New Goal: Knowledge!

Add yours

  1. Excellent goal 🙂 Knowledge, as they say, is power.

    I’ve been doing that even before I graduated high school. Self-taught and proud of it. 🙂

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