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Let’s see if I can keep up a weekly thing where I post an update of everything I’m working on every Friday!

Things I’ve been doing this week so far…


  •      I’m working on Lesson 3 of Long Ridge Writers Group’s Novel Course.  I’m working on plotting and creating a plot summary for my novel project, which is in this case my shapeshifter YA (BEASTS). Deadline to email it off to my instructor is January 27.
  •           I’m in love with the people at CrimsonDaggers.com and watch both Dan Warren and Dave Rapoza’s Livestreams religiously. Their Livestreams sites allow you to watch them draw as they commentate. There’s also a chat beside the stream, where other artists comment or ask questions. Basically, it’s a free art study group and they have several competitions up including a biweekly art challenge called BLOODSPORTS. The current BLOODSPORTS Challenge is to create the art for an action figure toy box (they even invented and provided the fictional toy line label and template for the toy box itself). The deadline is also January 27. It’ll be my first finished digital illustration, so while I’m sure I won’t win the live crit by Dan and Dave (given to the top three), it’ll be interesting what I come up with.
  •           I applied to Remilon, who hire freelance content writers to write their educational articles, and they accepted me. They pay $8 an hour (rather than by piece), so that’s promising since it’ll be $0.75 more than I make currently.  I’m looking forward to completing the training and see how this turns out.   It’ll also be the first paid writing gig I’ve gotten in my life so woo-hoo!
  •           With the success of my family visit to Atlanta (amazing people!), it’s more likely than ever that I’ll be moving there soon. My goal is to move by at the latest, the end of the year and the soonest, next month when my brother turns 18. No rush, but I am very excited.
  •           Supernatural tonight! Not really psyched about this particular episode, but after reading some very, VERY juicy spoilers, I can’t freaking wait for future episodes!
  •           Also regarding Livestream, I discovered one for script writing, hosted by Jacob Burgos called Jacob’s Script Wolves. Since I originally got into writing novels with the intention of using it to eventually write great scripts, I will definitely be checking this out and begin testing the script-writing waters.


That’s pretty much it.

So what is everyone else up to?