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Sorry for the lack of updates! I know, I know. I said I’d do better and I’m not actually showing it. This is a poor excuse, but I spent a great week with family off the island and sort of lost focus. I thought I could keep up the publishing schedule while on my short vacation, but it proved trickier than expected.

But now I’m back in the saddle and things should move more smoothly.

If not, feel free to troll the hell out of me in the comments.

So, what do I have for you today?

I have for you the topic of….BROMANCE!

Strangely enough, despite being a girl and a hopeless romantic at times, if I was at the bookstore or movie theater and had to choose between a romance (and an actually good one like Young Victoria or Moulin Rouge…okay that last one is kind of sappy, but I loved it anyways) and bromance action/adventure (like Supernatural and the recent Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows), I’d pick the bromance every time.

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, that is why this is on my mind. I watched the movie twice and still completely overlook the lacking plot/mystery and little to no importance to the female characters.


Because the bromance between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson was EPIC.

Before watching, I heard some negative opinions regarding the movie, so I went to the theater with only one condition. I’ll love it as long as I got my Holmes/Watson fix.

I was not disappointed.

So what makes bromance so freaking appealing?

Well, generally, I have no clue. But for me personally…


Watching Two Attractive Men Fight, Play and Bond is Hot as Hell

What? I’m a healthy heterosexual woman. It’s like twice the fun than the usual one man action story. And while I know a lot of people like to take it further into writing fanfiction where the bromance turns into real romance, I prefer them straight. …Cause that means they’re still available to me. In my imagination anyways.  Leave me and my fantasies alone!


Friendship between Men is Rare

Men are tough, unemotional and completely clueless to their feelings. At least, that’s the stereotype. So to see male characters openly show affection for each other, without going completely gushy and sappy, is even more awesome because it’s rarely seen in real life and in even most stories. Of course, it’s all the rage in manga, which is probably why I love it so, and in genre fiction.

The Stakes Are Raised Dramatically  

In the Sherlock Holmes movies, Holmes and Watson’s bond is played out more obvious than would normally be allowed without getting too mushy thanks to Holmes eccentric personality. Since he’s a loner without any friends (which the writers made a point to mention and accentuate in the second movie), his affection and protectiveness for Watson feels more natural and also, at least in my case, I felt more involved because the stakes have been raised. Watson is not only Holmes best friend; he’s his ONLY friend, which makes him even more precious.

A little Spoilery from this point on…




That is why in the first movie after the explosion in the middle of the movie and we see Holmes okay, the look on his face as he turned to see if Watson was okay and we don’t see what happened to Watson right away made me react strongly. I felt just as worried as Holmes did, and I loved it. And heck, I didn’t read the stories by then. I actually thought for a moment they really would kill off Watson.

In the second movie, their bond was accentuated even further than the first movie. Perhaps the writers figured out the movies strongest point was their friendship.




Again Spoiler Alert!!




In the beginning of the second movie, they killed off Adler right away. Then they showed Holmes and Watson doing what they do what they do best, arguing and getting into trouble (well, more like Holmes getting Watson into trouble) and then Watson’s wedding. Thus their bond is accentuated right away, but especially Holmes affection for Watson, though in his own eccentric and slightly selfish way.

So when we get to Moriarty directly threatening Watson’s life after Holmes is told of Adler’s fate, the stakes shoot up the roof. Who cares about the murders, explosions or a war between France and Germany – it’s the threat of Watson being killed just to hurt Holmes, who’s already hurting due to Adler’s death, and Holmes taking action to prevent all of this that keeps my butt glued to the chair and eyes on the screen. It becomes personal.

The train-fight action sequence is by far one of my favorite parts of the movie; with the chase scene and Holmes “death” scene on the other train coming in close second (though it was obvious Watson would use the adrenaline, so it wasn’t too suspenseful. I just loved their reactions).

Again the key word:  BROMANCE!


Spoilers Over.

…Well the worse ones anyways.



This is probably one of the reasons we rarely see genre action movies with strong, intelligent female characters with key roles in the plot.

Guys don’t identify with them and women don’t exactly mind watching hot male leads be…well hot male leads.

It’s why I didn’t really care so much that Adler wasn’t used and Simza barely played any role at all (and the role she did play was to save her brother, another male).

I was too distracted by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law’s dynamic chemistry played out on the large screen to care.

This is also probably the reason that in the Supernatural fandom everyone hates Lisa and probably any love interest for Sam and Dean. In fact, I think this is also why there are so many Castiel haters. With Sam and Dean actually being true blood brothers, anything that gets in the way of their bromance is considered evil and needs to go. (Though I personally think there’s enough of Dean to go around for everyone: Sam, Castiel, Lisa, and Bobby!)

Maybe one day, there will be a movie with it all: bromance, strong independent and important female characters and an intelligent plot that leaves you guessing (like another Lord of the Rings).

Until then, I’ll enjoy what I can get.

Once more for the road: BROMANCE!

It rocks.


So, have you seen the new Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows movie? If you read this far, I really hope so! What did you think of it? Do you enjoy bromance or does it make you puke? Let me know!