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Lack of post due to real life interfering. So here’s another writing prompt!


Prompt # 12 of my Prompt a Day Challenge:

(From  “The Writer’s Book of Matches: 1,001 Prompts to Ignite Your Fiction”)


“During her first trip to Las Vegas, a woman experiences the luckiest night of her life.”


  • Irony. She has the luckiest night then dies.
  • Her luck sucks until the end of the night, when her life changes forever for the better.
  •  She’s a villain. A masochist. A sex addict. A prostitute. A school teacher. A virgin.
  • In the end, the luckiest thing that happened to her was her trip was cut short due to losing heavily and she manages to escape Las Vegas before the city is destroyed by a nuclear bomb or a devastating earthquake. She’s penniless, yes. Still, it was the luckiest night of her life.