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It’s that time of year again! When writers all over the world consume vast quantities of alcohol, coffee and sugar for their own good as they attempt to push out 50,000 words of creativeness in thirty days.

I’m doing it again this year (hopefully with better results than last year), but I’m going to be the absolute NaNoRebel!

First, I already wrote it! My NaNo2008 success has been my WiP for three years now. It needs to either get done or get shelved. I want it to be the former, so this year, I’m gonna try to recreate my personal Golden Month of Writing and write the entire thing again this November, and hopefully add the Second Golden Month of Writing to the history books.

Second, I have a solid plan this time. With it being already written, I already know what I’m gonna write, from start to finish. I have been working tirelessly and will continue these last four days on finishing an extensive outline that will tell me what to keep, what to scrap, and just how to make it better overall. This will be my novel’s Map, the User Manual, my Eternals: Book One Bible.

(Though I never actually have done NaNo with an outline before, I don’t know if this will indeed make the challenge any easier. But I will officially agree that NaNoWriMo’s weakest point is that fact that if you do it at the seat of your pants and write whatever comes to mind, the novel will have unnecessary, deep seated problems. I doubt it would have taken me this long and be this difficult to fix my WiP if I had done it with less desperation. I do believe in the Zero Draft, but there’s a difference between running and sprinting. I recommend the former over the latter.)

Third, I probably won’t finish the novel in the month. 50k is no novel, but honestly, I think it’s impossible to write a 100k fantasy novel in a month, which is my word count goal for this novel (perhaps 115k-120k or less). But I want to come at least close. I will aim for the minimum 1,667 words a day, but then I will take it further and go for 3,000 words a day, making my NaNoWriMo goal 90k instead of 50k.

At a reasonable pace, that is 4 hours of writing a day, something I believe I can manage.

Hopefully with the outline and the fact I know this story and its characters by heart at this point, this will be much easier than last time.

Even with 90k, it won’t be finished. So, my point of view will be to not see this as a dash, but as a marathon to keep going until the novel is finished. Not so much a monthly challenge, but an Until-The-Damn-Thing-Is-Done-I-Won’t-Stop-Writing-3k-A-Day Challenge, which will probably cross over into December.

That’s the Plan.

Is anyone else doing NaNo and if so, what’s your attack plan?