Hollywood — A Request from an Action Junkie

Nothing disappoints me more than a movie or T.V. show with a great idea or opportunity, but fails to deliver or execute—even worse if they limit themselves.

I love Transformers. I loved the different cartoon shows on T.V. and I even enjoyed these movies…to an extent.

I recently, finally watched the third one on DVD and I wished I had watched it in theaters.

The action was so amazing! In fact, that is pretty much the only reason I love the movies so much. The action is so amazing. That and that Sam Witwicky character is fun to follow around.

But what’s probably my favorite scene in this movie, is a tiny moment, probably less than a minute, where that Director of Intelligence lady (or whoever she was) walked up to the autobots (the good robots) to talk to them for the first time. In this scene, the other autobots explain that Optimus (their leader) isn’t talking to anyone, that he seems upset and as one autobot put it: “He’s pissed.”

I loved that scene. I must have rewinded and played that short scene over and over again.

Because it was probably the only scene in the entire movie where it seemed like Transformers were more than just machines with cliché one liners and cardboard personalities.

In this scene they had personality, they had emotions.

Optimus was pissed.

I loved the Transformers show on tv not because it’s about robots that could turn into things and then fought other robots that also could turn into things. I loved it because these robots that could turn into things were like real people that had drama.

My favorite Transformer is Starscream, who’s actually a bad guy. Now I’m not a die hard Transformers fan. I don’t know the complete canon or storyline of the comics or Japanese tv shows or watched any of them in their entirety. In fact, the version of Starscream that I fell in love with was from the Transformers: Armada cartoon, which was technically an anime and…well apparently a lot of fans really hated (though I enjoyed it enough).

Anyways! Starscream was cool int he cartoons and comics because he was always fighting with Megatron and I loved how in Armada he turned good before dying. I really loved that.

Of course, in the Transformers movie trilogy he was the stereotype cardboard villain just like the rest of them. I sort of expected it, but it is still disappointing. At least in the original Transformers continuity he was interesting enough to be constantly fighting with Megatron to seize control over who will lead the bad guys.

Not here though.

There is so much potential with these characters, but instead we get an action flick that is just all action and little of anything else.

I’m not really surprised, but I kind of wish people would get tired of this already.

Even worse than the lack of personality, was that the only two female characters either had no personality and was just there to look pretty and be rescued or used as comic relief also insulted me. Can’t women fight too? Or want to figure out what the villains were up to along with the guys?

For action, it’s an amazing movie. For Transformer love, I had that tiny, itty bitty scene where Optimus seemed like a real person.  And that was pretty much it.

I wonder what would have happened if they actually tried. If they did create a solid, complex story and intriguing meaningful characters, and actually give the damn robots more human qualities that they had in the damn comics and cartoons?

What if they actually did the opposite of what we’ve seen so far in regards to sci-fi action flicks?

Like we’ve seen with Inception.

I would like to see more of that, thank you.


P.S. In regards to sci-fi action flicks, I also hear Hollywood is looking to remake the anime classic Akira. …Don’t. Do. It. Please. I beg you. Leave Akira alone!!


P.P.S. Actually, you want to do know what happens when they do put in depth characters and plots into sci-fi and fantasy movies? Oscar nominations happen. Freaking OSCARS!


That is all.

8 thoughts on “Hollywood — A Request from an Action Junkie

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  1. Heh, the worst? Keanu Reeves was tapped to play lead for Akira.

    Thank God it got scrapped before it could get any ground under its feet.

  2. Agreed, 100 percent.

    So often times that’s what I feel when I go to see a film lately–they could have done so much better. Personally, I enjoyed the first Transformers movie because to me it was fun and I liked Sam’s character and all that, but the rest were… well you know already. Great CG, great Action but very little else.

    I don’t hit the theater much anymore, so it’s pretty easy to say that Inception was probably one of the last that I left the theater thinking, Damn I wish I would have written that. I think Nolan did great with the new Batman flicks and The Prestige, so on, so forth. As for fun action movies my heart will always go to Pirates of the Caribbean hehee. Always been a big Depp fan.

    1. I haven’t been to theaters lately either, but I do miss it. Even if the story quality is deteriorating, there is still some gems out there.

      Nolan is awesome and I love Pirates too, especially Dead Man’s Chest. I felt the third one started suffering from story deterioration though and it wasn’t as good as the first two, and I’ve yet to see the fourth one since I don’t want my love for POTC to get any lower.

      1. I personally enjoyed the fourth one…didn’t feel extra lets say like the 4th Indiana Jones film did..

  3. I wonder if part of this is about age. As a kid, I loved a lot of character-shallow, whiz-bang action movies that make me roll my eyes when I see them again now. Sometimes when you ask “Seriously, who’s WATCHING this crap?” the answer is “Me, fifteen years ago.”

    1. I think it depends on a movie. I’ve seen several where I used to LOVE as a kid, and now I’m wondering, what the heck was I thinking? One example was the Aladdin first sequel. I really liked it when I was a kid, now I just cringe.

      But there are some movies that I love regardless of age. Like Beauty and the Beast, but I still wonder if it’s quality or simply nostalgia (it was the first movie I saw in theaters…when I was like 4 years old), so that’s another debate all together.

      There’s also those who are older who haven’t matured a single freaking month since they turned thirteen and probably still love the same mindless action since back then. So there’s also them too.

      But then what is quality when it comes to movies, tv and books? This is a question that has driven me crazy. If it’s all subjective…then how do we recognize a good story from a bad one? How?!

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