The Challenge – Prompt #7

Prompt # 7 of my Prompt a Day Challenge:

(From  “The Writer’s Book of Matches: 1,001 Prompts to Ignite Your Fiction”)


“Look, somebody has got to make a decision.”

Everyone in the room stared at the object in the center of the take with varying degree of interest and concern.

A decision needed to be made, but no one wanted to make it. Who wanted to be responsible for millions of death and even more to suffer endlessly? This is what happens you play God. The choices always sucked.

*Story Idea:  Humans created an artificial world that took on a life of its own and it’s in the care of four young genius scientists, all from the small apartment they share.

Their individual differences, quirks and relationships issues will affect the world and its inhabitants. (They are like the modern version of Greek/Fantasy Gods in this way.)


Not very original, but done with an interesting, fresh spin can turn out to be an interesting story.


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