Visual Time Schedule

I love lists and I love to follow instructions, the more specific the better.

But for some reason, the more organized and scheduled my day is, the more I resist it and don’t get anything done.

Scheduling specific tasks for specific hours of the day just doesn’t work for me for some reason. I rarely, if ever look at a daily planned and only recently have I finally kept the habit of checking and reviewing a paper calendar with important deadlines (bills, appointments, etc. Mostly blank. Non-crucial deadlines like personal ones are rarely—if ever—met so I don’t bother to place them on here).

However, I’ve found a scheduling method that so far has worked for me. I guess this proves I’m a highly visual person.

I have no idea if this is actually a method used by others. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this, but it’s simple and obvious enough that I doubt I’m the first to figure it out.

Instead of writing specific hours to specific tasks, I draw circles. Inside, I write a category of the actionable tasks I’ve written already in my handy dandy notebook.

I place the circles in different sizes depending on the category’s priority (much like those tag/category clouds you see on the side of the most blogs) and put them in the order I feel is most logical to me.

It looks like this:

 (WORK AM and WORK PM are placeholders for when I’m scheduled to work during the day or night at my part-time job since it changes week by week. The AM cirlce would take the place of the big green circle or the DRAW circle would be moved up when I do have work. I either draw the diagram over again in my notebook day by day, or just have the one schedule and do it mentally)

These are just things I need to keep in mind and are important. I don’t put in “shower” or “dress” or “brush teeth” because I don’t really need a reminder for those things. I mean, come on.


I can probably make it prettier with a computer program, but this works for me at the moment.

I still need and have a list of all the individual actionable steps/tasks  so I know what to do during the “WRITE” time place or the ERRANDS or DRAW or whatever, so it’s not like I get out of bed, sit down and don’t know what to do.

For me, this simple and loose way of scheduling my time makes it easier for me to focus and not overthink about what I should be doing and when.

I don’t get anxious anymore when I don’t write every day at 6am on the dot. As long as I write first thing after waking up, I’m good regardless of what time I actually do it.

It’s a good thing.

(I’ve always wanted to say that!! *gets sued*)

How do you schedule your day? Do you schedule at all or does it stifle your productivity?


2 thoughts on “Visual Time Schedule

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  1. My schedule is so all over the place it hardly counts as a schedule! hehee. But i usually end up writing consistently in the evening regardless so that’s something!

    I like your visualizer though, and glad to hear its helping the anxiety.

    1. Thanks 😀

      Well, writing every evening sort of is like a schedule, so it’s not completely all over the place. Consistency is the purpose of schedules, I think anyways, so it seems to be working for you.

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