Supernatural Obsession!

Dean, Sam and Castiel from Supernatural


Oh no.  I’ve suffered a total relapse…again!

My drug of choice this time?


*squeals like a rabid, desperate, insane fangirl*

Last Friday was the Season 7 premiere. As you all know, I made a post about my love and dread for Supernatural in a previous post.

In that post, I mentioned I was terrified for the fate of one of my favorite characters on the show, the Angel Castiel.

If you watch the show, you’d know that the Season 6 season finale ended on a rather ominous tone regarding the angel. After watching it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a bit, but my eagerness for the new season, which was way off at the time, wasn’t that extreme.

Now, the very first thing I’d like to say about the Season 7 premiere is….

…that it’s a much worse cliffhanger than the season finale.

And of course by worse, I mean better. Much, much, excruciatingly better.

I mean, sure the season finale was pretty bad. But there, at least Castiel was healthy. He was only slightly insane and physically, beyond healthy. His future was in jeopardy, but you didn’t know that. It was just a slight dread. At least for me it was.

But the premiere… Oh my god.

Be warned, I will spoil it and spoil it hard right now.



I mean, it’s one thing to worry that one of your beloved characters will end up dying or not. It’s a whole new level of panic when the villain actually says the words “He’s dead.”

Of course, I don’t believe him, but the creators of the show are being bastards. Castiel’s actor, Misha Collins, no longer has a “starring role” position and has been downsized to “special guest star”. And no matter how hard I look, I can’t find any signs of Castiel showing up in any future episodes.

It’s driving me crazy! I’m literally praying for the seconds to go faster, that Friday comes sooner! I can’t think of anything else!

I acted like the total story addict that I am.  I found every single video I could find of the actors and creators, searched for the tiniest spoiler I could find regarding Castiel’s fate, and found nothing substantial.

Then I went on a binge. A total Castiel binge.  Re-watching all of his best scenes and episodes, I didn’t realize how GOOD Season 5 was. So I take back that the show should have ended with Season 4. I hated Season 4, but I LOVED Season 5.

When compared to Season 5, Season 6 was very lacking. Before I wouldn’t have been able to tell you why, but now I know.

In Season 5, Castiel became more than just some angel loyal to Heaven who sometimes helps Dean out. He became a real character, a real person and a real hero. He saved the boys’ lives approximately 5 or 6 times without needing to. And the thing that made all of his fans fall in love with him was how, as he lost more and more of his powers, how human, emotional and vulnerable he became, and yet he continued to stand by Dean and Sam and help them. Castiel was wonderful.

In Season 6, however, it was like all that didn’t happen. With the return of his powers and sense of duty to whatever power resurrected him (for the second time) after he was killed in the season 5 finale, he lost everything he had gained in the previous season. He was the emotionless, duty-bound angel again from the dreaded Season 4.

Castiel’s humor and growing humanity made Season 5 something much more.

It was completely gone in Season 6 and with Sam soulless, the show had lost its heart.

It wasn’t until Sam got his soul back and the attention returned to Castiel and his inner conflicts about whether what he was doing was right or wrong did the show get back on track.

Now, Season 7.

I’ve analyzed it as much as possible. Judging from how all the previous seasons have been structured, I have my prediction (and hope) on how this season will go.

I’m praying Castiel isn’t dead. And honestly, if the writers had any SENSE AT ALL, they won’t kill him.

Currently, he’s being possessed by the show’s latest Ultimate Villain, the Leviathans.

Now, as we’ve seen in every previous season, we’re introduced to the latest ultimate villain in the first episodes of the season (the Golden Eyed Demon in Seasons 1 and 2, the Demons that came out of the door to hell, including Lilith, in Season 3, Angels and Demons in Season 4, Lucifer and the Angels of Heaven (Zachariah, Rafael, Michael, etc) in Season 5, and monsters/Eve, Crowley and ultimately, Castiel in Season 6).

Look back and you will see that each of these villains were introduced and hinted at from the very beginning of the show, usually in the first and second episodes. BUT they didn’t really show themselves till much, much later in the show.

I don’t think Season 7 will be much different. The first few episodes, we will learn about the Leviathans. Then we won’t see them in a while. Most likely they’ll show up, but not Castiel/Leviathan, who will be the head honcho Leviathan while other Leviathans create madness in the world. I’m thinking till midway the season, after the show has its winter break, from then till the season finale, it won’t be anything BUT Castiel/Levianthan focused episodes.

This is what I’m begging that the writers will do. This is what I HOPE TO GOD they do:

Castiel pulled a Sam in the last season. It’s basically the exactly same thing. Dean trusted and loved Sam, and Sam lied and betrayed him. Now, Castiel lied and betrayed him. But Dean never truly gave up on Sam, because in the end, this show is about family.

I’m PRAYING that the show’s creators don’t forget this. In the last episodes of Season 6, Dean tells Castiel he sees him as a brother. There’s so much potential here.

I’m hoping that Castiel is still alive inside his body with the Levianthans and that Dean was moved enough by Castiel’s regret and apology before the Leviathans took over in the season premiere that he will actually try to save Castiel. If they focused on the sense that Castiel’s family, regardless of his mistakes, and you don’t leave family behind, this can go somewhere amazing.

With Sam’s hallucinations and needing to deal with the Leviathans, and yet not wanting to kill Castiel you have yourself a nice cauldron of emotional conflict that can serve as the rails of an amazing season.

Now, of course, Castiel can still die at the end. I’m praying he doesn’t. Every season seems to end badly. It’s like a piece of Sam and Dean’s souls die with every season. They’d probably be too depressed or insane to even do a Season 8 if this one ends badly like the others (then again, if it’s a pattern, that’s exactly what will happen).

BUT! Castiel dying isn’t the only way. Make him human. Make him human, and then in Season 8 have Dean and Sam struggle to help him accommodate being human and become a hunter without relying on his powers. In that way, he can redeem his actions from the Season 7, but of course add a villain that will make this very difficult.

Seriously, the creators of Supernatural need to hire me.


I’m so sorry about this ridiculously long post. But I am obsessed. My addiction is in full force.

Hopefully, it’ll pull back a bit when I watch the second episode and we finally learn what happens to Castiel. I’m just glad they didn’t end the season with this wretched cliffhanger. I’m barely able to wait a week. I doubt I’d been able to wait months.

I forget. Any Supernatural fans in the audience?

If so, what were your thoughts on the Season 7 premiere?


7 thoughts on “Supernatural Obsession!

Add yours

  1. You’re apologising? For a super-long post? When I thought I was never going to get to read another of your posts ever ever again? You really do make no sense sometimes, you know that?

    Glad you’re back. Even for such a bad reason. Maybe even non-friends are good for something? Prove her wrong.

    And it’s good to hear the financial pressure’s easing.

    1. I never make sense. Probably the biggest reason I considered leaving. I mean, who’d want to read me not make sense? But I’m glad you’re glad 🙂

      Thank you so much. I’ll do my best! 🙂

  2. Finally watched Ep 1 of S 7.

    Really really enjoyed it. Looking forward to where they’re taking it now. 🙂 Also agree with your assessment on the seasons.

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