This will be my last blog post in a while.

Turns out, the cost of hosting can get expensive on the long run.  I plan on switching to WordPress.com or perhaps return to blogger, but not before something of a planned hiatus (hey, at least it’s planned this time lol) and get things in order.

I hope that when I start this blog again, it will be better and I will be different, better as well.

So, this shall be my last piece of advice.

Newbie to Newbies.

You don’t know enough yet. I used to think I may not have all the answers, but I thought I knew enough to at least start. I thought I’d wing it and things will just fall into place in regards to this writing thing.


I was wrong.

In fact, this is going to be a giant problem when it comes to self-publishing.

I was too impatient to just do it already. I’d read blogs and books, and I’d want to do it already, right now. I’d ignore that feeling that I’m not quite there yet and keep telling myself that my writing is good enough (at least good enough). But it’s all bull crap.

I know nothing. My skill is below even an apprentice on his first day on the job, and I still act like I can come here and give my opinions, as if they’re impressive, when in fact I’m just repeating the words of much more intelligent, skilled and experienced men and women who can say it ten times better and a million times clearer and add so much more.

I get the feeling that people are leaning on social networking too much. Like a crutch. But most authors I’ve fallen in love with, I was never pitched to read or anything like that. It was the content, always the content that had me coming back over and over again and put cash down for their next book or movie.

The internet has made it so incredibly tempting to share what we’re doing, to share our content as soon as possible. I know I’ve succumbed to that temptation a million times over.

Today, I’m just having this moment where it’s painfully obvious I have no idea what I’m doing and I simply don’t know enough.

So I’m going to practice and learn quietly, by myself, offline until this uncomfortable feeling of inferiority disappears at least a little bit. I’ll know its time when others will tell me, not the other way around.

I’m returning to college, going to experience life and actually DO my craft, instead of talking about it, and take it from there.

So people like me, learn from my mistakes.

Everyone else, see you later ^_^