What the Night Angel Trilogy has taught me…


Due to the fact I’m highly obsessive, I’m very hesitant to read anything, especially series, in the event that I go on another reading frenzy….which I did with the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks.

But even if I did get a “little” overenthusiastic with my reading, as a writer, I’ve learned a whole lot from these books. Hell, my original reason for buying them was to learn more about the current fantasy market (it also helped me to pinpoint my novel’s genre…which I sort of decided will be the same as this one after I finished reading). I hesitated in getting them, but I’m so glad I did.

These books are AMAZING.

So without further ado….

Things the Night Angel Trilogy has taught me:

–          Don’t just Tell a Story; make a world! – The world building in these books is very organic. There are tons of rich detail, but you’re not overburden with too much unnecessary info. The world and its history (when you need to know it) are given to the read through the characters as they deal with whatever it is they’re dealing with on a need to know basis. It’s active,  showing instead of telling.

–          Make the world and its people as real as possible.

–          Give EVERY character a personality that shines on the page (even minor ones) –  There is a scene where the main character is rushing to meet with someone, and runs into a middle aged woman who stands in his way. She rambles about her youth with brief yet real detail that when the main character finally gets past her, I’m kind of wondering more about her.  It makes the world alive, full of people and not cardboard cutouts propped up around the primary characters.

–          Emotional depth and conflict is VERY good.

–          Side stories and minor, side characters are also very good.

–          Grow a bigger vocabulary.

–          Make every scene, every line, and every piece of dialogue, mean something.

–          It’s awesome when something little is mentioned in the beginning of the book and then is revealed as something greater later on.

–          FORETELLING! Do it! But the more subtle, the better.

–          Be complex, but also clear.

–          Don’t hold back punches. The grittier and darker the scene, the more it gets under the readers skin.

–         End a trilogy with the highest stakes and the biggest, baddest  BANG possible.


Needless to say, I highly recommend these books.


7 thoughts on “What the Night Angel Trilogy has taught me…

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    1. Lol! They are really good, but really disturbingly dark, especially in the beginning of the first book which features child abuse, and violent.

      One thing I forgot to add is how much sex is in those book. Lots and lots of sex.

      1. I know. You haven’t even mentioned Dorian there, and I know you can talk about him until the cows come home without running out of things to say.

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