The Revival of the Morning Routine


I think I’ve done a million of posts on this subject, but I keep coming back to it for some reason.

Perhaps it’s because for the first time in a while, I actually managed to get up – actually leave my bed and be in front of my computer – at 4am to work on my writing.

I haven’t done this since the Golden Age of Writing ™.

(In case anyone’s wondering, the Golden Age of Writing was November 9th – 30th of 2008 when I wrote and finished the first draft of my novel. I may be a tiny bit proud of the achievement.)

Needless to say, I’m excited.

But on the subject of routine and discipline, I’m starting to realize something interesting.

I can get up, fully energized with little sleep as long as I’ve prepared myself the night before.

As I write this, I’m only on about 4-5 hours of sleep. I’m totally awake.

But wait, doesn’t the body need sleep?

Apparently it doesn’t if you’ve pumped yourself up the night before! I think it’s the same as when you were a little kid, the night before Christmas. You were so looking forward the next day that you barely slept the next day.

I think the same goes to waking up early to do anything else.

Well, this all sounds like common sense, but I know for a fact that people often say they were gonna get up at an insane hours and do the work, whether that be writing, exercising, drawing, whatever, but often fail to do so.

Hell, I’ve done that at least twenty times before now (…and honestly will probably do it twenty more times in the future).

The key is not the TIME you go to bed, but more the STATE you’re in when you go to bed.

Well, okay. True, getting to bed at an earlier time would make it easier.

But nine times out of ten, if I “prepare” for the morning before going to bed, even if I go to bed at 11PM and get up at 4AM, it’s a lot easier than say, for example…

…I left my office a wreck of a mess and went to bed at 9PM with the intention of waking up at 4AM to clean it then.

Most likely in the situation I’d just roll over and go back to bed because I’d be DREADING entering that mess instead of being excited to get to it.

But if I spend a measly 30 minutes, prepping the station for work the next morning, suddenly I have something look forward to, a place that is expecting me, a reason to get out of bed and get to work.

So, in case I never do this ever again or forget this obvious piece of advice, I lay it here on my blog for others or perhaps myself to look over again in the future (hopefully the distant future cause I won’t need it!).

Does anyone have a before bed routine that helps you to get up in the morning?

Your own personal tricks on maintaining discipline?

6 thoughts on “The Revival of the Morning Routine

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  1. I’ve found that I can get out of bed with plenty of energy on 4-5 hours of sleep…once. If I try to do it two or three nights in a row, I have problems.

    Definitely agree, though, that it’s easier if I have something I’m excited about.

    1. I can get up many days in a row, but usually what happens is that I get up and then around noonish, I get really sleepy and need naps. So in the end, I think I’m still getting my body’s sleep quota.

  2. Agreed.

    Can do it if I have something I NEED to do, or something I’m really eager to do when I wake up. Problem is, if I’m that eager I generally don’t get enough sleep to wake up hehe.

    1. If I’m so eager I can’t sleep, I still get up pretty well. What happens is that I don’t sleep at all and jump out of bed raging to go, though I usually get super sleepy early on.

  3. While I haven’t found it’s helped me to get up at all, I do always get everything ready for the next morning the night before. I just find it easier than doing it early in the morning when I’m still half asleep, and it means I can get an extra 5-10 minutes of sleep because it’s time I don’t have to spend getting ready in the morning. But that’s for work (milking) or for an early start at uni, not for writing, so probably different. Also, it’s slightly less ungodly (work more like getting up at 5, uni 6 is about as early as it gets).

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