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Sam and Dean


As I said before, my obsession over stories spills onto other things. Such as T.V. shows.

I know this. That’s why I never wanted to watch Supernatural. I’ve heard of it and a friend of mine was into it, but I refused to get into it. For one, it’s about the adventures of two brothers. I have a BIG soft spot for brothers. So I already knew I was gonna love it…a bit too much.

So I refused to watch it.

Until, one night, my crazy-ass roommate at the time literally (and I mean literally) dragged me out of my bed by my foot and forced me to watch the first few episodes with her and her boyfriend. I have no idea why on earth she would want me to hang out with them well past anyone’s bedtime, but like I said. She was crazy.

The point is… I was right. I was hooked.

Supernatural is basically about these two brothers who fight supernatural beings. This includes, but not limited to, shapeshifters, werewolves, ghosts, jinn, demons, demi-gods, pagan gods, angels, and all sorts of other mythological creatures. They even face off a phoenix and a dragon in the newest season.

Not only do you get your weekly dose of the supernatural, you also get a full helping of hotness in the form of Sam and Dean Winchester, and then in the later seasons, the angel Castiel.

And it’s not even their physical attractiveness (which I have to admit is… probably the main reason the majority of the fan base is made up by rapid fans of the female gender, just saying). They’re interesting characters to watch. There is family conflict and inner conflict, which is probably why I love Dean the most.

Hot, funny and self-loathing characters are the best!  *cough*

However, I have to admit. I thought the show jumped the shark back in Season Four…which I’ll be the first to say was a huge frustrating let down at the end.

Then I heard Season Five would be the last season. I approved. The show had run its course. So I was okay with it ending. Since the storyline went into the Apocalypse, and every possible thing that can possibly happen to these guys already happened, what else can you do?

So it had to end.

Except it didn’t.

There was a sixth season.

A Sixth.

That was probably two seasons too many (did I mention I really didn’t like season four? I think I did).

But Supernatural surprised me. It did something I never seen before in a T.V. show, especially one based on magic and the paranormal.

It got better.

But how? How could it be resurrected? How can any show that has possibly done anything and everything to its characters possibly get a second wind?

It gets a little spoiler-ish from here on, but I’ll try to keep it as vague as possible.

At this point, if you were a regular viewer, you’d be bored to death because you knew nothing new was gonna happen. They weren’t gonna die. They BOTH already went to Hell AND Heaven. Their mommy and daddy’s issues were resolved. The Apocalypse came and went. What else is there?

Ah. The writers then did something that was PURE GENIUS.

Okay it was kind of simple, but I still didn’t see it coming.

So you have two main characters, right? Sam and Dean. And they’ve been through it all, right?

Now what?

Simple. You turn to another character.

Castiel’s been gaining popularity ever since he first appeared as Dean’s “guardian” angel.

The last half of Season Six was all about him. And it was glorious! The show was fresh again.  Once more, I had NO CLUE, what was going to happen.

And while Sam and Dean are immune, Castiel isn’t.

Now that’s scary… especially since I love him so much!

Storytelling 101: Want your readers/viewers to keep reading/watching? Make them fall head over heels in love with a character, then put that character in danger.

This little trick is something I shall always remember and tuck away to use when a series I’m writing gets stale.

It works every time. I went from groaning at the news of another season to demanding, no BEGGING for a Season Seven!

I NEED to know what happens next. I need to know if Castiel will be okay!

September come already! I need you!!!!

And this is why I NEVER wanted to watch Supernatural.

Like the show? Hate it? Have no idea nor interest what I’m talking about? Recommend a better show?

Let me know.

I’m dying to learn new things from great shows.

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