A Blast from the Past

Maybe not so much a blast. Maybe more like…a burp? A hiccup?

The first story I physically wrote down on paper that I can remember was an unfinished piece where my brother and I were superheroes not unlike the X-men. It was called “The Adventures of Amber the Brave and David the Warrior.”

But it would be slightly less than a decade before I wrote something a bit more serious.

I was fifteen and I just started High School.  I was creating stories in my head for years before then, probably since I started watching Sailor Moon and other anime, inventing my characters in my head and putting them inside the episodes. But I never wrote them down. I thought writing was a chore back then.

In High School, I discovered a website where people could put up stories and others can comment on them. I always wanted to share my stories, but had no one willing to listen. Finally, I was shown a place where I could do that.

After being inspired by an alternate reality Gundam Wing fan-fic, I decided to write.

It was called Project AX.

In one night, I wrote a prologue and 3 chapters.

I still remember the shock on my mother’s face when I showed them to her. She said, “You can write?!”

I’m still not sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

Anyways! Here is the very short prologue of that first story…without any revisions.

I’ll leave up to you and my own inner critic if I’ve improved any since then.

*covers eyes*


Project A.X.


It was a sunny day in the city of Gale. A circus was in town; you could hear the artificial lion’s roar a mile away. This was a circus of the 31st century and much has changed. Since all wild animals had been wiped out by a meteor that crashed into Earth in the year 2050, they had remarkable real artificial ones (they had mastered the science of artificial biotics, robots and cyborgs in 2020). The clowns were cyborgs with freakish faces that scared the hell out of little kids, but other than that, it was a circus that still brought excited children dragging there poor parents behind them in their rush.

The big tent was made of mythryl, the strongest man-made alloy named after the fabled magical metal from fantasy books. In fact, the whole city of Gale was built with this material.

A mother and her excited five-year-old daughter just approached the tent entrace.

“Excited, Kiana?” the woman said with a smile as she watched her five year old bounce on the balls of her small feet.

“Very!” the small girl answered, nodding excitedly.

“Then we better hurry.”

As they approached the ticket booth, Kiana had to strain her neck to see the teller. Behind the glass window was a woman with long silky black hair and eyes, wearing one of those ringmaster uniforms and a kind smile. It was rare to see a 100 organic human doing such trivial jobs, but it didn’t seem strange at the moment.

“Two, please.” the mother said, sliding the money under the glass, and the teller passed two tickets to her.

“Pass your child’s hand under the window to be stamped, please.” the teller said nicely. Though old fashion, it kept track of the children.

So with a lift of her mother, Kiana slid her hand under the glass and the teller pressed a metal stamp on the child’s skin. Kiana thought she felt a tiny prick on her hand, but thought nothing of it as her mother put her back on the ground and she glanced at her lion shape tattoo. With a thank you, they both walked into the tent. Suddenly, one of those freakish cyborg clowns appeared out of nowhere, scaring her mother to death. But Kiana just giggled as the clown asked her if she wanted a balloon with a mechanical voice that would make any kid run screaming to his mommy. But Kiana was so innocent that she had never experienced fear…yet.

While Kiana and her mother enjoyed the show, the woman from the ticket booth was walked around the tent until she reached a small building. She opened the door and walked in without knocking; it was a very small dark room with no windows and the only light came from the screen of a holographic-screen laptop that rested on a desk and was connected to some sort of scanning device. The woman sat down at the desk and took out the metal stamp from out of her shirt pocket. She removed the metal plate with the imprint of the lion and placed it into the scanner. Instantly a long list of names appeared on the screen and, as the woman typed on the keyboard, a search started through the names. Just then, a soft knock came from the door and a man wearing the ringmaster uniform came in.

“Have you found a match yet, Dr.,” he said in a voice full of respect.

“Not yet, but I will soon and don‘t call me Dr, call me Silvia.” the woman replied without taking her eyes off the screen.

“Yes, Silvia. So what do we do if we don’t find it here? We’ve already searched five planets,” said the man as he walked up behind her.

“Don’t worry, I have a good feeling about this place. We’ll find a match and Project: A.X will start at last. There!” she said suddenly as the search stopped and a single name flashed on the screen.

“We’ve found her, finally.” Silvia said with a grin that looked nothing like the one she gave at the booth; this one looked sinister.

On the holographic-screen flashing was:


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