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the last borders

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The last Borders, the only American bookstore that holds fantasy and manga titles in Puerto Rico is closing.

I went there as it held its closing sales. It was a flurry of activity. It was impossible to find anything and yet there was still so much good stuff there.

I wanted to get a fantasy novel, something I haven’t read, but been meaning to read. It was a tough choice and in the end, due to the fact I have plenty of books still unread and I’m trying to save money (it only had a 25% discount and I had five books in my arms), I didn’t buy any fantasy novels. But a strange thought occurred to me.

As I left, I remembered the book I had put back (I think it was the Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman), I actually thought:

“If it were an e-book and I had an e-reader, I’d totally get it.”

That shocked me because I never had that type of thought before.

Suddenly, I was hesitating more to buy a physical book than an e-book, when it used to be the opposite.

There’s still  something an e-book can’t provide that real books and real books stores can provide.

You can actually sit down and pick any part of the book you wish to view.  You can’t do that with an e-book. I believe it’s one of its weaknesses among other weaknesses. I may go into it in another blog post one day…

But with the last bookstore in my vicinity gone, and the fact I have no patience for snail mail, I am more tempted than ever to get an e-reader.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the very death of the bookstore will feed the e-book boom till it’s our main source of book consumption.

Of course, I’m sure I’m ten years too late with this revelation.

Well, I think it’s time for me to join the bandwagon.

So I ask you, Great Gods of the Internet, what’s the best, cheapest e-reader?

I really want an iPad, but they’re extremely expensive and I doubt they’re good for reading for long periods of time straight. My eyes will probably die after the third or fifth hour.

I’m thinking a Kindle, but I’m not sure. Does anyone own an e-reader or shopped for one have any suggestions?