It’s Adventure Time!


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(If all goes according to a very loose plan, I’ll review something I love every Friday, whether it be something on TV, in theaters, a novel or a comic book).


I freaking LOVE Adventure Time!

If you didn’t know, it’s a cartoon show on Cartoon Network.  But I’ve never seen anything like it.

Well okay, there are other shows that are similar. Weird shows. Like CN’s other shows like Chowder, The Misadventures of Flapjack and the other shows I don’t watch that air around the same time right before CN’s Adult Swim block (where things REALLY get weird).

It reminds me of Ren & Stimpy, the Nickelodeon version I watched and loved as a kid (my favorite Saturday morning Nicktoon), though I admit, is not as gross or weird.

They’re similar in the fact that while they are both shows for kids, they have jokes no kid would understand. I think that adult aspect, that intelligence makes the show really shine.

Adventure Time is even better. It’s special.

It’s as if…they took the essence of my playful inner child’s soul and turned it into a cartoon show while still keeping it intelligent.

Let me explain.


The World

The story is set in a bizarre world called the Land of Ooo with candy people, lumpy space people, dragons, rainicorns and other bizarre creatures. This world is the reason this show is so unique.

But it’s not just randomly put together. There are reasons why things are the way they are, even if these reasons don’t make sense. It makes sense within the world. It’s in the details.

I always said that the best stories are those that go the furthest, the craziest, most unrealistic as possible and then make it not seem so crazy. Make it real.

The Characters

I love the main character Finn. I love how every other episode we learn something new about him. Whether it’s that he’s afraid of the ocean or that he’s the last human in Ooo, it’s these details that make him so interesting.

But it’s not even the stuff they put in, but the stuff they leave out. We still don’t know who his parents were or how Jake got his powers, or what happened to Jake’s parents, and a million other questions about the characters.  Since the focus is on zany randomness, these questions keep things from getting boring.

The Zany, Plotless Plot

A lot of episodes don’t really seem to make sense, especially with some of the random, insane endings that have to do with absolute nothing. But then there be an episode where the plot isn’t so crazy.

Like one of the newest episodes. True, it starts with something crazy and the whole situation seems random (They save some creatures and then seem to randomly end up in a cursed arena forced to fight gladiator ghosts), but then that dash of seriousness is added when Finn is put against his best friend Jake. And then there’s the gladiator ghosts themselves, seemingly minor characters but with hints of depth by their strange behavior. Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean

A show that is mostly feel good craziness suddenly gets serious, well at least a little bit.

But that little bit is what makes it good.  By having both episodes that don’t really change the characters or the world, mixed with episodes that do, it keeps the show interesting and unexpected.

It has it All – in different proportions.  

Each episode is both zany and hilarious, sometimes with a dash of seriousness. That seriousness is what makes the storytelling so great.

Adventure Time is amazing because of its free, pure, wild imagination mixed with the love of a good adventure.

These are also the reasons why I write.


If you’ve seen it, what’s your opinion? Bad or good? I’d like to know.


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  1. Oh! I simply love this show! I just recently downloaded all the episodes. I did a little looking it up too. The wiki for it is crazy. The Mushroom War sounds ridiculous.

    1. I’m actually really curious about the Mushroom War. The wikia makes it even more and more interesting.

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