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As you may have noticed, my posts have come to a grinding halt.

It’s likely the predictable outcome of impatient excitement of creating something for someone to love. Or find the slightest bit of interest.  Without a plan, however,   a nagging in the back of my mind has made me freeze up at the keyboard.

I haven’t quite figured out who my audience is just yet. Who are you people?! Why do you come here?! Do you like coming here?

I’m sure there are ten thousand blog posts and articles on the Internet about this very subject of voice, niche and readership. I’ve read about a third of them. But in the end…I’m still puzzled on what exactly to write here.

Up until now I was just writing whatever came to mind and because I’m a writer and love stories, I focused on those themes. But that nagging was telling me this was a mistake.

So let’s start over. I want ask any and all who read this for a small favor.

I need feedback.

I am a SF/F (and all its subgenres) writer. I love strong female characters, action sequences, battles, scenes where horrible things happen to good people, self-sacrifice, atonement, friendship, family issues, happy or bittersweet endings, epic cinematic scenes, complex plot twists, and fresh takes on favorite tropes.

If these are things you also love and enjoy reading, then good.

Stick around.

I have some questions for you.

What do you want from me?!  *throws self onto floor*

Ahem. But seriously. What would you like from me?

  • Personal wisdom gained from my transformation from a friendless, introverted teenager with nonexistent self-esteem to the person I am today (significantly more confident and definitely a lot happier).
  •  My stories, characters, worlds, process, etc.
  • My views on my latest story addictions (Night Angel Trilogy, Supernatural, Adventure Time, Futurama, Manga, Inception, etc).
  •  On Writing, Creativity and Productivity.
  •  My views on the world, humanity and my unconventional brand of spirituality.
  • All of the above.

I can provide any of these things. I would love to write any of these, but this isn’t about me…well, not ONLY about me. It’s about what I can provide you, the reader.


What would you like from me?