Before opening Word and writing this post I can assure you that I’ve been mindlessly consuming mindless content on the internet for several hours or more. It all starts with checking email or twitter, which gives me links to other even more distracting websites. But I don’t need to explain the procrastination-distraction ritual/pattern. We all go through it. Or at least I’m hoping I’m not the only with ADHD. But only when it comes to the internet. Sometimes I wonder if the internet doesn’t give people ADD. Like an Evil Super Villain bent on destroying our very minds with addictive content that doesn’t really help us at all. It shoots us with stupid rays or memory distorters that make us forget the reason we’re on the computer in the first place. It’s the same state I end up when I go grocery shopping.

I smell a conspiracy.

About 90% of the information out there isn’t very vital to know. We don’t need to read the blog post, or forum thread, or 500 tweets in order to do the thing we need to do, whether it’s writing or whatever you use your computer for. More often or not, most email isn’t vital either. I won’t die if I put it off later. But I may die if I consistently forget that I need to meet a deadline the next day and the bills don’t get paid.

I say that as if I actually get paid to write. Ahem.

Point is…what was my point? Oh yeah. I am an ADHD, internet junkie. Hopefully, admitting this will be the first step to recovery.

Next step? Unplug The Evil Dr. Internet (Malicious Count Internet, Insidious World Wide Web of LIES…yeah not working) and put an end to its madness.

Problem is that humans are creatures of habit. So if I do my writing after ten hours of mindlessly surfing the evil waters of the web religiously for a month or two, I will naturally feel resistance of doing it any other way. One of my worst habits is going online and checking my email first thing in the morning. It feels “wrong” not to.

So the rest of this week, I’m going to un-brainwash myself and go straight to work offline. Alone. Unconnected. Free.


It won’t be easy. But this shall be my oath to eliminate distraction and procrastination from my life.

We cannot let the internet win.

Who’s with me?

2 thoughts on “Distraction!

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  1. Awesome! Good luck.

    One thing that helps me with mental discipline stuff like this is to start a spreadsheet and keep track of my progress. Sounds boring, but you get a little warm fuzzy each time you mark another day’s success.

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