The Introductory Post – Part Two (The Stories)

The Story Book Art Print by William Bougeureau (1825 - 1905)
The Story Book by William Bougeureau (1825 – 1905)


I don’t think I’ve ever actually talked about or introduced the stories that I write. Let’s change this, shall we?

I’m currently working on two book series, one of which I would like to publish myself online.

The two shall be codenamed: NANOWIN08 and YACHALLENGE. Why? Cause code names are cool! Shusssh.

NANOWIN08 is exactly that, my 2008 NaNoWriMo win, which I mentioned in a previous post.

Its current title is PROPHECY OF THE ETERNALS and I’m planning two more sequels, Reign of the Eternals and Avatar of the Eternals (with the titles subject to change of course).

PROPHECY OF THE ETERNALS is a dark fantasy, set in a medieval world where flesh-eating demons are killing off the human race.  Anya is a soldier pulled from retirement to protect and train Nathaniel, a young boy who was raised to believe he will one day kill the demon and save humanity as told in a prophecy. On his quest to awaken his secret power, Nathaniel and Anya run into a powerful and sadistic demon who calls herself the Mistress. One look and she knows Nathaniel isn’t what he seems to be. She lets them go only to place life threatening obstacles in their path, setting terrible monsters and easily manipulated humans against them in order to persuade Anya to tell the true story. Anya and Nathaniel run to the king for protection, but when he can’t help them, Anya must decide who to trust, her growing love for the boy, or her unshakable loyalty to the crown. Reveal the truth or keep her silence. What she didn’t expect was Nathaniel’s thirst for freedom to make her wonder, who are the real demons in this world?

By the way, that pitch is still a work in progress. I find it harder than writing the actual novel.

The first draft is complete and it’s currently being rewritten. My goal is to have it completed and submission ready by November 2011, before NaNo. I already have an eye on an agent I’d love to send it to…

YACHALLENGE is my personal challenge to the supernatural YA genre that’s taking everyone by storm. Well, maybe not as much as last year, but I believe it’s still pretty popular.  It’s basically my own take on the genre and it’s my first urban fantasy story.

It’s loosely titled BEASTS. It’s set in an alternate modern earth. Humans coexist with immortal shapeshifters who can transform into a specific animal. Shifter society is formed by clans where each species stick together and distrust all the others. A clan is a Shifter’s family and crucial for his survival. This proves very problematic for Nicolai, who doesn’t have a clan. His species is extinct. Well, except for him and a homicidal twin brother who wants to kill him in order to hold the title as the last dinosaur on Earth.  Every day might be Nicolai’s last, until he meets Zander, a dragon shifter who belongs to a clan of (supposedly) extinct mythological beasts. Nicolai thinks he found his new home…but only if he can convince them to let him join despite his brother’s assassination attempts and Nicolai’s forbidden crush on a human girl. But when his brother starts threatening Zander and the rest of the clan by resurrecting and commanding god-like Elemental Shifters, a line is crossed and Nicolai must stop running and face his real family in order to save his new one.

This one isn’t finished. I only have a few scenes and short stories done (and ideas for at least one sequel…which I LOVE). This novel is the one I plan on selling online. I think it would be more successful and more accessible to readers of this genre that way.  But we’ll see what happens.

There are other stories of course and these are definitely not my first or my last, but I sure as hope they’re the ones that will finally make me a published author.

I’ll keep updating with their progress and post a short story or two, or behind the scenes brainstorming. Hopefully, it’ll be as fun to read as it will be fun to write!


*This post comes late due to stage-fright. It’s always scary to talk about one’s work. And you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Let’s hope I did my stories justice.

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