The Introductory Post – Part One



I don’t remember if I ever officially introduced myself and my WIPs on my blog. Sure, I shared vague goals, but not what exactly I’m doing.  Also a whooole lot has changed since I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress.

My name and Location hasn’t changed though. Amber J Gardner. Still living in Puerto Rico. Still working a crappy part-time fast food (sandwiches) job. Wait, I don’t think I shared that last one. Well, yes. I work in fast food. Please keep that in mind when I ever do sell my stories.

I recently quit college and trying to get a college degree. I tried. I really did. But for some reason, it just didn’t work for me. I just couldn’t get myself to do it like I’ve gotten myself to get up and write words.

Now, you’d think I would say to myself: “Now that I’m not in college, I better get a better paying job and work extra harder at this writing thing, especially with school loans on my back.”

Yeaaaah. I really should say that to myself.

Well, I do a lot of soul searching. I meditate regularly and like to brainstorm on these letter-sized pads of yellow lined paper. And as I was creating the plan for the life I wanted, the same thing keeps popping up, which I thought I had put aside for the meantime.  Art.

Apparently, my soul wanted to draw. I’m a perfectionist, so I don’t just want to draw, I wanted to draw professionally. Plus I have ideas I want to try that require partnering with an artist or greatly improve my own artistic talent (why I chose the harder, more challenging latter choice, I’ll never know)

So art school it is! Online art school at that. to be even more specific. I love the art that comes from there and I love how it’s online too. It’s also a price I can afford ($500 a month. I can handle that…somehow).

Art and writing.

Let’s see if they work together or end up killing me. I’m sure it’ll be entertaining either way.

My other goals are rewriting a novel, writing a new one, and posting here every day.

That’s right. Every single day. I ended up starting a lot earlier than I had wanted, but too late to stop now.

To recap, my main intentions:

  • Attend The Art Department Full-Time Online Program starting August.
  • Post a Blog Post Every Day.
  • Rewrite a Novel.
  • Write a New Novel.
  • Quit My Job and Write Full-Time (successfully while going to school Full-Time).

That doesn’t seem too hard.

Has anyone else taken on insane challenges?

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