Father’s Day

father's day mug

Today is Father’s Day…and I have absolutely nothing to say about the day.  It means nothing to me since I’ve never celebrated it.

I never had a father. Or any fatherly figure either.

No stepfathers. No grandparents. No uncles (until recently!).


But that doesn’t mean I felt like I lacked something during childhood. My father died when I was still a baby, I don’t even remember him. However, I had an amazing mom and I didn’t notice the absence of a father at all (though as a kid I did fantasize that he was still alive working as a top secret agent a la 007, but what fatherless kid doesn’t do that?). I supposed since I’m a girl, I got off with just bad case of I-don’t-know-how-to-deal-with-boys-itis, but my condition has improved greatly since I left the teenage years.

I guess I’ll have much more to say on Mother’s Day.

Still, I wanted to give a shout out to all the fathers in the world, especially the novelists daddies, who have to work extra hard to support their families.

Way to go, Dads!!

Over at Terribleminds, Chuck Wendig had a father and has a much better blog post about father’s day than me. Go check it out.

Also, I may not have any father day stories, but perhaps someone else does.  Feel free to share in a comment or your own blog, be creative and share the love.

We have these holidays for a reason!

To celebrate them!

Have fun!

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