A New Journey


Her face is in the dirt where she had fallen. Slowly, she stands, her body covered in bruises and scratches.  The tall mountain she fell from looms over her with its sheer cliffs, loose footholds and dark caves full of pits, snakes, and blood thirsty bats. She turns away to find a different path, only to face the forest full of tigers, dead ends and bottomless bogs. Tired of this frustrating journey leading nowhere but pain, she decides it’s time to change locations. She makes a raft and sets sail, leaving the former landscape behind and embracing the endless possibilities of the open blue ocean. Yet she is not alone. Silver ships in the hundreds are scattered across the horizon, welcoming her to a new world and offering as much aid as needed. She smiles as she spots an island that looks promising.

For the longest time, since around 2005, I created mini-daydreams where I connected the on goings of my life with short adventure sequences. Usually this involved a character climbing a mountain, fighting a monster, or picking a path in a thick forest. These scenes reflected what I felt or was experiencing in real life. If I had a deadline coming, I would see myself running across a stone bridge that was collapsing behind me and if I didn’t make it to the other side in time—not meet the deadline— I would fall. Sometimes there would be a vast chasm at the end of the bridge which I had to jump across at the last minute. If I failed, I ended up falling down a void to start all over again at the beginning (It felt as if the goal was to get to the top of the mountain or to the treasure chamber of the cave, representing a goal I wanted to achieve).

Well, recently I got fed up with trying to accomplish things that, no matter how hard I tried, I never made any progress at all. I never reached the top of the mountain. I never saw a single piece of treasure.  So I decided to leave the world altogether and look for a less volatile environment – a place that worked with me, instead of against me.

This is a more internal environment than a literal one. In my daydreams, I’m always fighting or struggling against something.  Yet, none of it is real. It’s of my own creation. So if it is, why not make it easier? Why not make it fun?

And then as I look for a more positive, joyful and passionate frame of thought, I also change my actual reality. I stopped making decisions based on what I SHOULD do. I stopped attempting to fulfill goals that society has dictated I HAD to do.

I decided to do what I WANTED to do and have faith it’ll work out.

This is where this website comes to play.

I decided this shall be my new landscape, my new playground. But it’s not just for me. My purpose is solely to entertain and help others while entertaining and helping myself.

That’s it.

If your goals and current path in life was represented by an actual journey, what would it look like? Would it be set in a forest, a desert, a mountain, or some other terrain? Would there be dragons and unicorns, or horrific monsters? How difficult would it be? How peaceful? Describe it in a comment below, whether you’re a writer or a reader.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “A New Journey

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  1. That’s a hard one. Sometimes I feel like I’m always butting heads, or being pulled this way and that, never having time to do the things I actually want to do. In this case, I guess I could feel like I was in a rainforest, where flies and mosquitoes are constantly at me and at me–a forest that is beautiful, lush, but also full of dangers that could lurk at any turn. And during this walk through the rainforest, I am trying to find stones to build the perfect home (yeah, I couldn’t think of any else)–millions and millions have homes — just like there are millions and millions of books — some good, some back. If I don’t find the best or the strongest or the prettiest stones, my house will be that much more inferior. Again, don’t ask me why stones. *Shrug*

    1. That’s a good one. Mosquitoes suck though (literally and figuratively). And about stones, sometimes the muse or whatever or wherever these ideas come from don’t like explain themselves…though that makes writing even more fun!

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