Music = Instant Inspiration (just press play)

I’m writing this as I’m sitting at a laundromat doing my laundry and getting some work done. I got my headphones one, listening to “Summer 78” from the Good Bye Lennin! Soundtrack by Yann Tiersen on my iPod. And I have to say, I don’t know how I’d be able to get anything done without music.

I’m pretty sure I have ADD or just have an easily distracted mind, and music helps me focus on a point. Sometimes, when I have a particular scene to write and have the perfect song that evokes the perfect feeling for it, I put it on repeat and let it play over and over till I’m barely even registering the music as I type, lost in the movie in the mind.

Sometimes, when you go to see a movie, you don’t even notice the music. It sort of blends in with the plot. And I always noticed that when you listen to a soundtrack without seeing the movie, the effect is less than after you see the movie. The emotions behind the music become clearer and it’s like a natural high.

Well, for me anyways. I’m crazy like that.

I have plenty of playlists. Tons even. I have playlists that share the same songs except for maybe a few. Each categorized not just by novel or story, but by mood. I have an angry list, an action list, a dramatic moment list, an emotional list. And when I don’t know what I need for the moment, I just hit shuffle and discover forgotten gems.

I wonder how many others also use music as a way to invoke inspiration when it doesn’t come naturally. For me, I need movie music, which are pretty much DESIGNED to evoke emotion. But the good dramatic, emotional rock song or classical music by J.S. Bach works for me as well.

So what about you? What music do you listen to when writing/working?

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