July Blog Chain Entry

Recently I decided to participate in a monthly Blog Chain at Absolute Write Water Cooler forums, which involves many bloggers and one topic to write about. This month was to cast your antagonist in a sympathetic light. My turn is up! So here I go!

This is the first time I’ve written about my writing and even shared a piece of the worlds that solely exist in my head. So consider it a treat!

This topic should be easy for me because I have a soft stop for bad guys who have redeeming qualities, and even more for heroes who were once evil who turned good. So I have many to choose from. I have a bully who is abused at home, I have a psychopath who watched his parents be skinned alive, I have a female villain who had sacrificed everything for a lover who dumped her, and the list goes on.

I think I’ll use the story I’m working on right now. This was a prologue until I decided it was unnecessary and scrapped it.

The story is set in a medieval world where flesh-eating demons have brought mankind to the brink of extinction…but it wasn’t always like this. Hundreds of years ago, demons were weapons created and bred by humans to be used as weapons for war. The main antagonist comes from this time and this is where her utter hatred for mankind comes from.

This scene takes place all those hundreds of years ago when the antagonist, known later as the Mistress and here as Lilian, was still enslaved.

I hope you enjoy and check out the other participants of the Blog Chain by clicking on the links at the end of the post.


Lilian lodged the end of her pointy tail into the lock. It was the twentieth night since she came up with the brilliant plan. But now—with the end of her tail reduced to a tiny red stub covered in cuts—it didn’t seem so brilliant anymore. Every time she pressed and turned against the intricate metal nooks, she bit back a whimper of pain. Yet her blue diamond shaped eyes—against black where it should be white—held hope. This time…this time it will work.

That night had been particularly bad. The humans had a new experiment that they wanted to try—one that required more blood. It left Lilian weak and docile. Usually she scratched, bit, kicked, burned and spat the entire trip to and from her cage. She was desperate to hurt them enough to slip out of their grasps. Her prison was outdoors, surrounded by a thick forest. All she had to do was escape her cell and dart into a small gap between the trees that formed the compound’s walls. Once in the forest, the humans would never catch her. Never.

There was a noise. Lilian froze. Her milky white skin turned coal black, blending in with the shadows.

“I heard something.” Two guards were making their rounds, walking towards the back.

Torches of blue flames flickered light over the stacks of cages and crates, piled high against the tree trunks. They were divided into two sections: the creatures who slept at night and those who slept during the day. Some cages were large with more than one creature inside. Others were small with barely any room for the demons to lift their heads. There were also the crates with only slivers in the wood for breathing. The creatures kept in those had long since gone blind, and the guards held their breath when they passed to avoid the lingering stench of dung.

“Just the nocturnals,” one guard said. “Bloody monsters.”

“Looks like Little Lilian’s finally awake,” the other guard said, pointing at the two glowing blue diamonds that glared in his direction, giving her away.

The human grinned. “Took me forever to get her out, but putting her back was a cinch. Wish it was always that easy. I heard Orwell lost a finger trying to get her back in…”

The first human banged the butt of his spear against the bars of Lilian’s cage and the demon child scurried to a corner. “Go to bed! It’s nearly dawn!”

The clatter was loud enough to wake the diurnals from their slumber next door. They shrieked, roared, hissed and moaned. Their cages shook and rattled. Stacks threatened to fall over from the mindless flapping and clawing and biting of the bars, the beasts going into a collective bloodthirsty frenzy.

“Quiet the lot of ya! Shaddup!” The guard grabbed a torch from a nearby tree and shoved it against the nearest cages. The demons yelped and hid. The blue firelight momentarily lit up their faces—from the grotesque to the strangely beautiful. They went quiet at once.

Satisfied, the guards finally left. Lilian waited till everything was silent and still once more before carefully crawling back to the bars. She looked out. The coast was clear. She slipped her tail through the bars and up to the heavy lock on the cage door again, careful not to make a sound.

Hours crawled by and the sky began to lighten. Lilian’s tail continued to turn and turn, much slowly than before. She was slumped against the bars—barely holding herself upright. Her glazed eyes were half-way closed, heavy with weariness.


Lilian’s eyes snapped open, startled by the sound. It had been deafening in the silence of pre-dawn. She blinked and looked around, uncertain where it came from. She leaned against the door to better peer outside the bars and it creaked open. Lilian jumped, but her fear quickly turned into wide-eyed amazement. The door was open. It had worked.

She pulled her tail into a tight hug, kissing the sensitive tip, almost letting out a squeal of delight. As quietly as possible, she crawled on hands and feet outside. The grass was cold and damp with morning dew and the wide blue sky stretched above her. Finally! Finally free! She could hardly contain her excitement. But she reminded herself that she was not completely free yet and danger still loomed close by.

“Sister! Big Sis!”

Lilian crawled to the back of her large cage where two forms were huddled tightly together, asleep. One was as small as Lilian, wearing the same filthy earth-colored rags. But this one had yellowish skin and shoulder length brown hair, while Lilian had white skin again and a sheet of silky black hair that reached her waist.

She raised her head, rubbing her large lavender eyes. They were also diamond shaped and stood against black where it should be white. She pouted, grumpy.

“What? It’s almost dawn. Go to sleep, Lilian.”

“Don’t call me that,” Lilian snapped quietly. “And who cares what time it is. I did it, sister! We’re free! We must escape quickly. Wake Big Sis. Hurry!”

But the third demon was already stirring. She was much larger than the other two—almost as tall as the guards–with glimmering light blue skin and chopped red hair that framed her elegant face. The humans had given her a blue dress to wear and often visited her when Lilian and her sister were elsewhere.

It didn’t worry Lilian. Big Sis was special. She couldn’t be hurt by anyone. And now, they were free.

“Big Sis, I did it! I did it.” Pride was etched in her voice as she shook Big Sis awake, eager for her approval and gratitude. “We’ll leave and the humans will never hurt us again. Just like you said!”

Big Sis’ eyes opened. Two misty white orbs turned to Lilian. She appeared blind, but Lilian knew better. Big Sis’ sight could penetrate the heavens.

She lifted her head and whispered, “The door is open. The time has come.”

Lilian’s face split into a grin and she nodded with true zeal. “Yes! Your vision has come true. Now let’s go, before the humans wake.”

Together, they slipped out of the cage and darted across the grass for the forest. But Lilian slid to a halt when an idea struck her. As desperate as she was for freedom, there was something she wanted even more. Enough to risk the very thing she slaved so hard for.

“What are you doing!” her sister hissed, hesitating at the edge of the forest where Big Sis had already disappeared within the dark foliage.

Lilian didn’t reply as she climbed a stack of cages in the diurnal section. She shoved the top crate over the edge and it shattered apart against the ground, releasing the small, blind, bird-like demon inside. Its black wings–deformed and useless from its captivity—flopped about as it let out a blood curdling screech, surprisingly loud for such a tiny creature.

Soon the entire enclosure was engulfed in a cacophony of ear splitting shrieks, roars, hisses and moans. Under it all, Lilian could hear the guards coming. She hid in the shadows between two cages, her fingers tingling with anticipation.

“Bloody hell! Damn thing fell over!” One guard stood watch as the first stabbed the creature with its spear, ending its wail and spilling its lavender blood.

“But how—”

Lilian cut him short by pouncing onto his back, digging her nails into his skin as she climb up to his head, and clawed out his face and eyes. The man screamed, but was silenced when Lilian shoved her fingers into his neck and yanked violently, blood pouring down his front.

Lilian rode the body as it fell to the ground, taken over by uncontrollable giggles. Her mania was cut short when she saw the remaining guard reach for a torch. She knew she wouldn’t reach him time and was ready to flee from the wretched flame when the man screamed. Her sister had jumped, grabbed his arm and bit down on his wrist, the bones cracking under the pressure of her small, powerful jaws. Lilian quickly aided her and soon the screams turned into wet gurgles and then silence.


Her hands trembling, Lilian grabbed the guard’s key and threw them to her sister. Taking the keys of the other guard for herself, she started unlocking cages. They worked quickly opening the cages—smashing the crates open since it was easier—and soon the entire enclosure was swarming with bloodthirsty, mindless demons. Those with intelligence like Lilian and her sisters fled into the forest, but the remaining creatures flocked to the rest of the compound.

Their hungry wails alerted the guards, but it was useless. They were outnumbered. The last guard was soon ripped to shreds. The mindless swarm found the doctors’ and mages dormitories next. They were slain in their beds, screaming. A fire breather set the buildings ablaze and soon the entire compound was a bright ball of heat and chaos. It was hell on earth. Shrieks, roars, wails, hisses, moans, and dying screams of demons and humans alike joined in a mad cacophony, the fanfare of the apocalypse.

The sun broke above the horizon in a dazzling display of gold and orange light. Lilian and her sister left when the fires started, and scrambled up the hill where Big Sis waited. They watched the havoc they caused as it continued for hours. The last human scream went silent and a strong wind carried the scent of burnt flesh.

A highly pleased smirk spread across Lilian’s small face. Her eyes—filled with joy—glittered as they reflected the light of the fires down below. She looked forward to the years to come when the choking screams of humans and the sweet smell of their burnt flesh will overwhelm her senses once again.

And it will—again and again.


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  1. excellent except. very intriguing and held my interest right away. The only thing that I didn't think fit was the tense change in the last two sentences (from 'would' to 'will'). good job!

  2. Very well done and very interesting concept…certainly held my interest and would have made an intriguing prologue

  3. SUCCESS! Well done. I totally felt sympathetic to Lilian by the 8th paragraph, but was well on my way by the second.

  4. Hi,how are you today?I have surfed your blog serveral times, thanks for your information and photos. I will go on to follow your blog. If you have time, you can come to my blog and feel free give me some comment, more important thing is be follower! (My blog is share-how-why.blogspot.com)

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