Character Defeats Plot!

Yesterday I saw the movie “Knight and Day”. I knew I was at least going to get a good laugh based on the commercials alone, but I didn’t expect it to be so damn entertaining.

Thing is, I don’t usually watch this type of movie. I don’t usually go for the secret-agent-saves-the-day type of movie. Even less, movies where the plot centers around an object that everyone wants. In fact, this is the first time in a VERY long time I saw a storyline like this. I suppose, it being something I haven’t seen in a while also made it feel “new” to me.

But that’s not why I loved this movie. And though large amounts of comedy in such a serious action movie was a major plus. The one thing I kept thinking about as I lying in bed later that night was Tom Cruise’s character: Roy Miller.

What follows may be considered a SPOILER, so don’t read if you want to see the movie!


Roy was such a noble hero, but an odd one. He was like a little kid and a grown up wrapped in one. His character grew on me so much that I have this craving to see it again just to see him again!

And it made me realize that as long as you have an interesting enough character(s), the plot really doesn’t matter too much. Maybe I should spend more time working my characters to make them as memorable as possible before working to make the plot as memorable as possible.

Imagine having both? Now THAT would be a movie I’ve love to see.

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