Domino Effect of Productivity

I re-discovered the cure for procrastination today. Unfortunately, you have to DO something in order for it to work.

But that’s pretty much it. You DO something and once you’ve done something, any tiny achievement and BOOM, you want to keep on going.

For example, I’ve been back to my depressed, lazy self for the past few days. But today I made an appointment to be somewhere. Now, while I have no qualms disappointing myself, I hate breaking promises with others. So — albeit a little late — I got myself out of bed, took a shower and went out into the world.

The meeting may have been a bust, but I did make a doctor’s appointment I’ve been putting of as a result. With that little check mark done, I went home with the desire to continue being productive.

I think the intensity of that productive feeling increases if what you did was something that you’ve particularly been putting off for a while and/or it was a MUST DO task.

Feeling great, I managed to clean the kitchen — the sink is all shiny and everything! — and my office (which I want to write a whole blog post about one of these days). I’ve been ignoring my house since I moved back in and unfortunately it’s a bit obvious the place has been suffering from neglect. So this is a BIG achievement for me.

Then…I sat down to write. That’s when it got a little hard. I wanted to edit a short story to get it ready for a new market I have my eye on. And for some reason, I started to open all the other short stories that would also work for that market if I tweaked them a bit.

That was a rapid fire way of overwhelming myself, but I realized this in time and closed all the files save the one I was originally gonna work on. I then tried to put in some new words, but my inner critic rose to the occasion and chewed me out.

Still, the fact I added over 300 words to that story is a major improvement from writing zilch since…god knows when.

It’s not even over yet! This blog post is another check on the neglected to-do list! And I plan on working on my novel right after I’m done here.

And it all started with taking a shower.

So if you find yourself doing nothing when you should be doing something…DO SOMETHING.

The rest will do itself.

2 thoughts on “Domino Effect of Productivity

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  1. So true! I'd been procrastinating on writing blogs for several days. It's actually easier to just sit down and DO stuff instead of mindlessly surfing the internet (like I've been doing. Sigh.)

  2. Very true; just one little thing will lead to others.Funny how the internet is supposed to be HELPFUL but all it does is give me more things to procrastinate with.

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