New Look – Simplicity

Despite how much I loved my old layout, something was wrong with it and I didn’t really have the energy to fix it. So! New simple layout.

Sometimes I wonder if all anyone needs when life gets too complicated or full of turmoil is more simplicity. Make things as simple as possible and things will work out. Is that even possible? Life is full of so many possibilities and opportunities. I often just want to do it all. Big mistake.

So here I am, attempting this one more time and this time i’m going to focus on being as simple as possible.

I know I’ve been absent for a while, but in case anyone still reads, I want to ask…

When life starts getting overcomplicated, how do you get things back in control?


One thought on “New Look – Simplicity

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  1. I am longing right now for simplicity also! But I don't want to lose what I've got so far on my blog.So, Amber, I'm simplifying with following. I'm looking for ones I really do want to follow, not to just post a short meaningless blurb on the comments. But I really like to KNOW who I'm following. On this layout, I can see what books and movies you like, but I want to know more about YOU. Especially since I'm a writer of memoir, I like the personal. I like AI, Schindler's List, the Incredible Hulk, too. I love anything by Orson Scott Card. And I'm getting my first novel published at age 70, hopefully by September. All things are possible!!

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