Being Realistic

I’m not even going to bother putting up my current word count of the day.

When I have more time and life stops being so hectic and stressful, I promise to make more informative and entertaining posts. Also, more consistent ones too. Until then, you get these spur of the moment musings.

Now on today’s musing…

I’m an ambitious and honest person. I am honest enough to know that I have great potential (though luckily modest enough not to say this out loud or in public). But I also have some anxiety issues. Like most writers, I have an intense fear of failure (or success; I do then to be self-sabotaging). So my ambition and my fear often go at it like mad dogs.

Unfortunately, fear wins more times than I’d like to admit.

Last entry, I made the ambitious goal of writing 210,000 words in November.

I think I spoke a little too hasty. School has become rather nerve wracking (life in general too) and I’m starting to recognize that perhaps my anxiety issues are affecting my life a bit more than the normal writer/student. Thus, I’ve made an appointment with a psychiatrist for next week. (Dun dun duuun).

So, I’ve decided that it would be smart to lower my ambitious goal (since I’m very behind as it is) from 210,000 to 90,000-120,000 words. That may still be too high, but I want to at least start and finish one complete novel and I don’t believe 50,000 words cut it.

I hate eating my words, but I must be realistic. If you’re also like me who bites more than you can chew, please look at your goal and look at your progress. If the over-ambitious goal itself is keeping you from even accomplishing anything at all, perhaps its time to reconsider your goal.

Achieving a small goal is better than failing a big goal.

Take it from me. And besides. A bunch of small goals all lead to one big one: your happiness and sense of fulfillment.

And that’s all I have to say today.

To all writers (attempting NaNoWriMo or not)…

Have a great writing day! ^_^


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