Just Do It.

I always wondered what is more important; your sanity or getting the work done.

Deadlines are important for writers working with a editor or just themselves. They help us be focused and adds pressure. But when you’re writing on your own, when do you know you’re pushing yourself too hard? How do you know your time line is insane and impossible, like say revise an entire novel in a month?

The answer I always find is: “it depends on the person.” Meaning, it’s up to us to decide.

But when you keep missing the deadline and never seem to ever finish the daily to-do list, is it because we’re not pushing ourselves hard enough or did we set the bar too high?

I think I’ve finally found the solution to this problem of mine! I’m going to push myself till near the brink of death to finish everything I said I was going to for the day. Get it done even if it means missing sleep for a few days. At the end, if I’m barely standing or conscious, then its most likely I’m biting too much than I can chew. If I feel great and productive, then obviously I have to push myself and I can.

All it comes down to is action. I can second guess myself forever, but I’ll never come to a decision unless I just shut up and do it.

2 thoughts on “Just Do It.

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  1. I find that I can tell when I've gone too far when I can't make out the words on the screen anymore because of blurry eyes. Or when I start to think of something and then my mind just stops, "Silas needs to get to . . . to . . . uh, what was I thinking about?" Or when I get close to snapping at my little guy when he comes a hollering, like little ones do.Keep track of those moments and you'll be able to better predict when you're going too far. Or at least that's how I do it. Then again, some say I do too much. Meh.

  2. Those are definitely sure signs of going too far and I don't believe in doing too much…though that's probably why I have problems :).I know I'm not doing enough. It's because I make a huge to-do list that completely overwhelms me and I don't do anything since I'm too busy worrying if I'm doing too much or not prioritizing correctly. It's a stupid dilemma. The obvious solution is just to shut up, stop worrying and WRITE. Worry about what's not getting done after I have something done. Hey, that can be my new motto.

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